A few critical questions


Hello, I have some questions about your exciting project. I like the idea very much and have been following you since the beginning. The video updates are great and inform me regularly.

Maybe I missed these points, if yes - I am sorry that I asked. May I know following things? - >

Where are the electric scooters parked? How are they secured against theft? And how are they protected against vandalism?

How is it handled if the scooter is damaged? Who assumes liability? What happens if this damage is not reported? How do you make the person who caused the damage liable? What happens if the scooter is damaged through no fault of your own? For example, if the engine breaks down due to signs of wear?

Or, for example, if a hit and run is committed? How can one trace back who caused it?

How is it ensured that they are recharged?

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The scooters are dockless, so they have no physical limitation as to where they may be parked.

Theft and vandalism are always risks in any business, but a lot of improvements have been included to discourage them. Scooters are locatable via GPS; the wheels lock when they aren’t paid for/being used; a simple camera could make it less appealing for a thief to make off with the device.

Commercial insurance is the most obvious way to cover damage and liability. There are some models which suggest that after a user completes a ride, to shut off the meter they have to take a photo of the scooter standing up neatly in a safe location. A scooter failure could either be reported by the rider (because they couldn’t complete their trip) or eventually a scooter could self-report. Resilience is also something that is improving in many scooters, so their useful life is extending, and as they aren’t complicated devices they’re fairly easy to maintain.

Hit-and-runs are a matter for local law enforcement.

Either you as the scooter owner can collect, recharge and distribute them at the end of every day, or you can ask “scooter hunters” do it for you for a fee. “Bird hunters” are actually a thing, and is worth looking up – an entire gig mini-economy has already sprung up around recharging shared scooters.

I hope these answers were of help!

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