Businesses around the business of scooters


Forbes article that approaches this subject.

Apart from the ones mentioned in the article, what other second-tier businesses might there be to fill in service or goods needs in the market? One possibility is a social media app or plug-in that lets riders stream their scooter rides on devices that have cameras mounted on them. Is there a way to monetize the stream?

We can go a little further out with third-tier opportunities. Granted that it’s a serious challenge to predict what third-tier businesses could possibly arise from the existence of second-tier ones, but if you have ideas, please share them!

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A moving small store maybe, each scooter will have a small goods shelf. And owner can put some snacks , breakfast, water or even rent gloves and helmets.



another one, not about micro mobility and last miles. what about this!
I will want one when I’m shopping. If scooter can do this will be great.