DAG technology future for DAV

Who are looking into ETH ERC-20 alternatives like DAG technology?

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dag like iota don’t have smart contract.
And it seems that it can not have one, because dag’s special mechanism.

I can not explain that very well.

Not talking about IOTA. Several new DAG technologies have smart contracts build in, but that is why I am the DAG expert and could be your advisor. :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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please let me know.but from what I’ve learned,there is no decentralized smart contract solution for dag.

I know ftm,but that may be another fake project.

We are closely following the developments in many different DLT technologies.

The DAV platform has been designed from day one as a layer that sits between a DLT and mobility companies. That means that it can be blockchain agnostic if the need arises.

We are strong believers in Ethereum’s team, governance, and future, but if the need arises, we are able to transition to another DLT.