DAV is a huge vision, but how do we explain it so everyone can grasp it?

Visions present a fascinating and occasionally troublesome proposition. How do we explain a vision for something new to someone else? How do we accurately transpose the shining architecture in our heads into somebody else’s mind? How do we do it without spending hours using words that fail to convey the heart of the vision?

When I explain DAV to a technologist, or a researcher, or a businessperson, I have to tailor my language to their frame of reference — this is good comms practice after all, and I usually succeed at my task to a varyingly acceptable degree. But some fraction of the time I’ll be talking for 15 minutes with little success and then say one thing that suddenly sets off a lightbulb for the listener, and they reply “Oh NOW I get it! Why did you wait until now to say that?”

I do have a long-ish way of explaining the DAV vision to others, but I’d be very interested in learning about what you say to describe the vision. So please share, and let us know what kind of success you’ve had. You never know, you may have the one most brilliant way to explain DAV to newcomers!


Hi, John

I don’t think there is an easy way to explain dav’s vision.

This is my explanation.
We can see the future of the smart city. All the robots, all the multiple services provided the city.
But what’s the mechanism which makes all those things well organized?

And I think dav is going to provide such a network to make all those things cooperate nicely.
And to achieve that goal, dav will be complete transparent which make it really trustable.

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Thanks for the input timber.

The way I usually explain it is with an analogy. What the Web has done for content, DAV will do for transport. DAV creates a common marketplace for everyone to buy and sell transport services, whether it’s for delivery or people moving, charging drones or scooters, recovering failed drones, insurance services, etc.

In this way, everyone, from transport giants to people who just have an autonomous drone they don’t use all the time, can use the DAV network to offer services to others and compete for business.

Does that help you any with how you picture things? It’s a big vision, as we all know. :slight_smile:

That‘s a great vision,We should to explain to every one,The dav is the future of transportation

It really helps.

When I first see dav network, I am confused too, all I know is that like " Wow, what a great team. Hey, look that! blockchain and autonomous vehicles. I am gonna buy it."

What you guys have done is quite enough in a good market. But now people just get really careful.

This is a good start, I start to understand dav just from the analogy.
Then, questions come out. But it take me a lot time to find most of the answers in the FAQ.

Usually, I hope I can find all my answer in the white paper, and FAQ is just a place to say some unimportant things. But I get lost in so many new concepts and new ideas in the white paper.

So, I guess a short version of white paper will be really helpful for us newbie.Other projects will call it One paper.Just put all those FAQs in the one paper will be good enough for me .

What the Web has done for content, DAV will do for transport.

Like what Linux has done for the server eco-system, Eth will do for the DAO.

Like what CNCF will do for the cloud native space, Dav will do for the transport business.