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DAV Network is working on a platform for sharing drones, autonomous vehicles and eScooters. Drones and autonomous vehicles will be more long term projects but the eScooters are imminent. However my concern is clutter in the streets of abandoned scooters as is happening in many other cities with Bird and Lyft.


I love my city and don’t want to cause a mess.
The problem with eScooters is that they cannot be locked easilly against a pole or such.
The way to prevent it at the moment is that a photo will be taken to show that the user parked it correctly. However it can still be thrown in the street or canal by anyone.
Surely the city regulators will ban this kind of projects quickly because of abandoned eScooters.

Now I live in Rotterdam myself and the Dutch love the bicycles. It is a culture thing and I think it will take years for us to change to any other mode of transport than our good-old bicycle.
Personally I think for Rotterdam we should focus on bike sharing.

So the rest of my story is specifically for bicycles.

Most people own a bike or have a spare. The one they use is parked most of the time and I think there is a huge market is sharing these bikes.

What we need to make this work is the following

A GPS device which connects to any bike using a clamp with non-removable screws so it can be fitted on any bikeframe. This device should also have the QR code to connect to the network and a keyless lock fitted. (surely most of it has been developed by the R&D team already)

When the QR code is scanned a photo appears to show what kind of bike it is, so the customer can decide if this is the kind of transport they desire. When accepted he/she will receive a code to unlock the bike.

I suggest a chainlock to prevent littering A photo should be taken that the unit is locked against a pole, tree etc. To use this kind of lock for ride sharing it should have a keyless lock
There are several companies how sell these kind of locks


Unfortunately these kind of locks are not suitable for DAV because the GPS unit is in the lock (and not on the vehicle itself

An example of usage:
My daughter lives in city center and the problem she encounters is that once or twice a year her bike get stolen. Also often she has a flat tire so she can’t use her bicycle.

With the integrated DAV-GPS/Lock unit all her problems (concerning mobility) will be solved.

Theft will be reduced (good lock, GPS) and if entered on the DAV network she can enter info that her bike has flat tire and offer DAV for someone to repair it.

Bike repairmen can check the Mooving app and see if there are any bikes that need repair.
They can drive around town …pick up and repair and make money
When the network grows she can pick another bike when hers is being repaired.

This integrated DAV-GPS/Lock unit can be sold thru bike stores and I will inform bike repair shops about the system…
I will make flyers and leave them on the parked bicycles close to the Metro/train stations and touristy area’s to inform them that they can make money with their old bike using this integrated unit.

Now my question to the R&D team.
Are there plans to develop a integrated DAV-GPS/Lock unit.
If not…Can you help with the required DAV part, so I develop such a unit myself?



That’s a great idea.

I want to contribute to the lock unit. If you are ready to start this project, count me in.
It’s quite simple and riskless.



Exactly… Easy and riskless… We just buy a couple of units and use them ourselves first… Advertise and sell them to the public when it becomes popular.
I guess China is also a bike friendly country.



Hmmm…there is stiff competition…but our platform is better! :slight_smile:




I’ve seen the DAV escooter app the UI design is nice but they still copy what scooter companies do. (scan before use and many other things that i found through my undercover research.

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What should we expect since we are not sure what to expect?



That’s the problem there.



Again to R&D team:
are you developing a Universal GPS/QR code unit, which I can install to any bike?
So I can start using the app?



Cavey65 , I think these scooters can be sifted to developing countries ,eg Nigeria,Cameroon,Congo Democratic,Ghana,Burkina Faso or other third world countries in Asia.I can coordinate for Nigeria ,Cameroon and Ghana.

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I think only @tal can answer your question :grinning:



That is one of the solutions we are looking at, and have met and spoken with a number of suppliers regarding this. This will probably not be part of the initial rollout but might be part of the plan for later.