Do you fly drones? Do you want your own drone?

This might blow your mind. In the USA alone, it is expected that 7 million drones will be in use by 2020.

These are UAVs that are being used heavily in industry and commerce, and of course recreation. Drones have many current uses, and vastly more uses are coming.

We’re a ways off from full drone autonomy (with an AI on board) but there are many self-piloting features that are gaining traction in the drone world. In fact, there has been a discussion on drawing a clear line between self-flying drones and autonomous drones.

To add to the discussion, we published an interesting article on the power of networked drones that you might enjoy.

Do you have a drone? Do you want one? What would you do with it?


One of my most amazing drone experiences was in January 2018.

As part of my work at DAV, I had the chance to visit Copter Express in Moscow and participate in one of the first drone package deliveries.

What I remember most from that experience (other than the bitter cold), was how cool and futuristic it felt… and thinking how in a few years sending a package via drones will seem like such a boring everyday chore. I can’t wait :slight_smile:



Tal gets all the coolest tasks.

Just to answer this question, yes I want my own drone.

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I want a drone, but not just any recreational drone. I want a commercial drone that does high-grade filming so I can take amazing shots of my home country. I am an amateur photographer. :relaxed:

Here are some examples of cool things you can do what camera drones…

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