How should we, as community members, promote the Mooving app after it is released?


will there be an easy share button somewhere?

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We haven’t firmly decided on anything yet, so if you have a great idea, we’d love to hear about it!

We do have some solid marketing plans to help get the word out, and of course PR is an important component of that. But cavey65 did identify the most powerful form of advertising, and that’s by word of mouth. If you tell two friends/family members, and they do the same, the power of doubling will spread the news far and wide.

Related to this is the old chess board legend. A commoner saves the life of the Emperor’s young son, so the Emperor said “What can I give you in return? But don’t ask for too much or you will be denied.” So the commoner gave it some thought and said, “Your Imperial Majesty, I would be more than satisfied with rice that doubles on a chessboard. In the first square, put one grain of rice. In the second, two grains. In the third, four grains. In the fourth, eight grains. And so on, doubling the grains of rice from the previous square until we reach the 64th square.”

The Emperor scoffed, thinking the man asked for little, and agreed in front of the Imperial Court. Do the calculation, and you’ll see what the commoner received, and why it was such a bad idea for the Emperor to agree. :wink:



How about a referral code so that anyone who gets somebody on to DAV gets a bonus? DAV tokens?



Great idea! Will consider for sure. Please keep them coming… :+1:



How about some merchandising.(T-shirts , caps etc)
I always find these are great conversation starters.
btw: I am willing to make a design and have them made after approval.



and how about a lottery as Justin Sun of Tron organized.

If you retweet the start of the Mooving app,you can win some DAV tokens

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tron like gambling , lottery and porn. Everything that can make quick money.:joy: