Introduce Yourself!


Hi my name is Oscar but I go by Quintaine online.

I am originally from Costa Rica but now live in Cancun, Mexico. I got interested in cryptocurrency about a year ago. I bought bitcoin, ethereum and dash and did some day trading but barely succeeded at it. I can see how DAV will roll out and become a success! Very exciting times.

My greatest talent is darts. I was born with a dart targeting system in my eyes and every time I play darts I get at least one bullseye. I don’t practice!



Trading in the Unregulated market is really difficult for a single trader like us.

The Consensus mechanism here is that we believe the future will be much better with all the necessary decentralized system.

Our way of success is to contribute to a really decentralized project and get profits by helping the community grow up.



Hello DAVers,

I am Timber… a huge fan of DAV and early believer in the project. I am from Shanghai, China.

I am an android developer, and I love my job. Programming is one of the coolest jobs on earth.

I will introduce dav apps to my friends when dav start running.




Hi DAV-ers

My name is Kees , but I go under Cavey65 online.
As I am from Rotterdam, the Netherlands (biggest port in the world at some time) I have been working in the maritime/offshore related business most of my career.

After ignoring Bitcoin in 2014, I really discovered blockchain end of last year.
Like most people who invested at that time, I lost 90% of the value of my portfolio, but I really believe in blockchain and remain very positive :grinning:

At the moment I run a Skycoin miner (by sharing bandwidth they want to take away the power from the ISP’s)
and I run a server for LBRY (a bittorrent like Youtube with a pay/tipping function)

But when I saw this promo about DAV Network on Youtube, I became really exited

DAV Network Youtube link
DAV Network LBRY link

In my imagination I see an Utopia envisioned by Jacque Fresco with drones flying everywhere and people sharing their resources.
Instead of a mailbox people will have a small storage box in front of their house, which will be dedicated for drone deliveries.


DAV will be able to facilitate this.
But before all these futuristic plans will become reality, DAV Network wants to compete with Uber and Mobike in the sharing economy.
Off coarse I am exited!

Looking forward to the future and hopefully I will be able to meet the team in person one time.



Hey DAV team and community. Great idea with the forum.
Here from Canada, just outside Toronto.
Friend of mine told me about ETH back in 2016, and I haven’t looked back since.
I do tech support.
Food addictions? spicey for sure.
Autonomy? Get work done while in the car :slight_smile:
Decentralization will push out the current exploitation of funding and resources
Dream city - accessibility, clean, strong community.
I love people, so i prefer the company of others, however, work must be done, and that is done best alone.
Visiting my hometown? Come by my place.



Hello there DAV community!

My name is Carlos and I hail from sunny Florida, USA- although I’m originally from a small town in Puerto Rico.

I stumbled upon Bitcoin back in 2010 after reading Satoshi’s paper in a forum about new money technology, and the aftermath of the 2008 recession. I’m very big into personal sovereignty and thought Bitcoin was an awesome solution to the corrupt money institutions of the world. I downloaded the mining software and was prepped and ready to do so, but due to having nightly guild raids on SWTOR, missed out on the opportunity of getting some early coins. :sob:

A few years later, I bought some BTC for the first time and donated it to charity as I was wanting to test the whole user interface experience. (I’m big into UX/UI) I believe that donation is worth several thousand dollars today, so I hope the HODL’d!

I found out about DAV through work, and it has quickly become one of my favorite tokens! I have unfortunately lost several family members and friends to automobile accidents, so automated transportation has evolved into a true personal cause for me.

That being said, I recognize that there are tons of use cases for AV tech in the market, and I can’t wait to pay for a pizza delivered via drone with DAV one day!



You are great ,It’s pleasure to e-meet you. I like the dav too



Hello, DAVors, it is literally my great honor to have on board with the great ship of DAV with you gorgeous people. My name is Jeong, who invested a ton of funds into this great project, and I am also a big fan of DAV and early believer in the project. I am Korean, studied in Tsinghua Uni. Beijing, China and now I am living in Vietnam.

I really would like to become a living withness watching the great success of DAV from the first step.

I look foward to meeting all you guys someday at a DAV meetup too.

Sincerely, IN DAV WE TRUST

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Dear DAVers,

My name is Alick, I am the Business Solutions Manager of DAV. It such a pleasure meeting ya’ll.

I L-O-V-E being part of the exciting project. My daily tasks are securing valuable technological partnerships, supporting ongoing in/outbound communications and tasks.

I will try to post interesting & fun daily facts.

Feel free to reach out to me on any matter.




It’s my honor to meet you.I love the Dav project. every day,the first thing is to this forum.Look at what is the things going .I believe more and more market adoption about Dav in the future ,I hope me as a witness seeing the Dav have a huge accomplishment



Great to have you onboard, Innovative methods of transportation are being created so often it’s great to be part of a project which helps connecting and supporting a larger network.

Super exciting times!



Hello all my name is Peter. I’m from Halifax, on the East Coast of Canada. Unseasonably warm here today. Normally we’re subzero by December, but warm winds have brought t-shirt weather of 7°C. Not to worry, should be freezing our backsides off tomorrow I am sure and the universe will unfold as it should.

I work in retail because it’s simple and mindless and I can do it in my sleep. Not ambitious at all on the career front but I am a tech hound, I love anything that is bleeding edge and DAV is in that category for sure. I did a degree in materials science a long time ago and never really used it.

I need a drone to deliver me some Chinese takeout right now. It’s late here and I’m too lazy to get up and get it myself. :crazy_face::rofl:



Glad to have you on board!

Unfortunately I cannot help you with the Chinese takeout yet :slight_smile:



Hello! my name is rich from Philippines now living in San Jose California. My interest on democratization and trust (blockchain) is fueled in the core belief of equal distribution of wealth. I am passionate about UX and product development.

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Hello everybody!
I live in the island of Crete, Hellas.
I am not a technology specialist, but I can see the good omen in DAV project.
Still try to understand the blockchain technology and the advantages of it.

My professional background includes experience from different sectors of the economy. With a degree in physical education and sports, further training in financial and continuous lifelong learning in natural crops, I have an alternative ‘‘look’’ for every project.
I worked for 10 years in Bank system as Business Loan Consultant and the last 5 years I am an entrepreneur. In the last year, I have upgrade my knowledge with the necessary certifications for being a drone pilot.
Now, I have ready my new business effort in the drone industry, specific in agriculture.

Generally, I am naturalist and believe that the protection of the earth goes through rational use of technology.

About the island of Crete?
Many places to visit and have great time.
But especially, If you are looking for extreme sport activities in a unique physical environment,
don’t miss Crete!



Rich and Ionos, welcome aboard!

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Thanks John! Any UX career projects for the dav first shared scooter? If you need UX designer i’m here. check my recent portfolio:



tsl thers no coustumer serves why?



Hello, Ezi. How can we help?



I forgot my smart contract number and I can’t remember how much toucan I bought I just want to see it and be control of it that’s it