Need advice on the new electronic LFA (left foot accelerator)

I need a left side gas pedal adaptive for my car. Many years ago, I had that adaptive equipment put in, and the costs was paid by the VA. It was a simple mechanical one, and total cost and installation was around $80. Now the VA rep in prosthetics is recommending a shop where this adaptive equipment is electronic, and total cost is around $2300. Although the VA is still paying for it, I am somewhat skeptical of the arrangement the VA has with this manufacturer of the Veigel Electronic LFA. Note: This manufacturer (Veigel) does make (and their dealers do install) a mechanical LFA, which is much cheaper. But claim is…that the mechanical ones present a safety liability risk with their insurance company. Does any right leg amputee driver have experience with the new electronic LFA? If so, and from their own experience, what advice do they have to give? Thanks!

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