User experience (rider/charger/owner)


Let’s create a far better experience through safety and flexibility



Anything in particular you’d like to highlight? NPR did an article on some of the safety concerns that Lime and Bird are contending with.



Nice article! Main highlight would be To address rider safety, Charger/pickup safety and scooter safety. Is dav ready to create a better experience? I did the a short case study and now bird and lime doing different approaches. Lime is now conducting user research and bird started terminating chargers/riders who hold move scooters inside a house without capture but in reality that is more safer for scooters because leave it in the public overnight won’t guarantee that the scooter will still be ride ready, people can crash and destroy them. I’ve seen it.



Good points! DAV is indeed committed to helping develop a far better experience for shared scooters. We feel we’re already on the way because we’re supporting a community-based scooter model, where the owners are residents of the cities in which they deploy their mobility devices. They know their neighbourhoods intimately (or at least a lot more intimately than a giant like Bird or Lime) and care about their local communities.

I agree that securing the devices at night is probably smart. It’s an obvious move to reduce vandalism and theft.



i made a basic mock up of a new user experience in riding scooter compared to scan code to ride



Cheers – great approach!

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Cheers! Thank you. :grinning:



In case you missed it, a sneak peek at the UX for the scooter app:

Our #ScooterSharing platform is quickly taking shape! We created new features and screens for the DAV App, for a superb #Rider experience, and we also upgraded the DAV Manager App so our #ScooterOwners will have all the tools they need to easily manage their fleet! 🛴✨

— DAV (@DAV_city) March 6, 2019
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Dav manager is interesting. But the feedback should be reframed.