Welcome to the DAV community

Welcome to your Forum!

Welcome to the official forum for DAV, the Internet of Transport!

We are a friendly community of enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and enterprises in the decentralized transportation space. This is the place for people from all over the globe to share ideas and knowledge regarding DAV and the DAV ecosystem. This is also a great place to learn about and discuss how you could contribute to the DAV codebase, and to develop your own ideas and opportunities on the network.

What is DAV?

DAV stands for “Decentralized Autonomous Vehicles” but this isn’t fully descriptive of the DAV mission. The project includes vehicles of all kinds, from drones and rovers to road vehicles to maritime vessels. DAV also includes manned vehicles, transport assets that require human intervention. The project is focused on the DAV network, which enables all participants to discover, communicate and transact with one another. The network is fully decentralized, and participants do not require the DAV Foundation’s permission to use it, nor do they pay a fee to the DAV Foundation to access it.

The World Wide Web offers a strong parallel to the DAV network. The DAV Foundation develops and maintains the network. What occurs on the DAV network is up to the participants, much like how the Web is merely a global commons upon which businesses and entrepreneurs can leverage or create opportunities. What the Web has done for content, DAV is doing for transportation.

What Should You Do First?

There’s a wealth of information already available that we are continually expanding! Peruse what interests you:

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Two other things we recommend:

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