What ideas do you have that you'd like to see for shared scooters on the DAV network?


Please share them here – the DAV Team is watching intently. :star_struck:



I have some ideas to share as follows:

  1. Create a scooter application paid by DAV token but not through exchanges
  2. Airdrop DAV token who own scooter and introduce others to join the DAV.
  3. Get up a small event for the scooter community in the pilot area.
  4. Cooperate with scooter shops to create a local community.


About the security of scooter :slight_smile:
A GPS based alarm system with the help of the community.

  1. If someone tries to steal a scooter, and GPS signal shows it cross the security zone. An alarm will be broadcasted to nearby DAV app users. Someone succeeded in stopping that bad behavior will be rewarded by insurance or the owner. Of course, in this case, the police should be included as a judge.

  2. Just someone misused the scooter, beyond its proper using zone. Their phone number will be popped up on owner’s app, the owner can call rider’s number to warn him in case the rider didn’t notice the app’s warning info. If the rider didn’t stop his bad behavior, the owner can choose to broadcast a mission to nearby users, and anyone stopped the rider will be rewarded by the rider’s deposit.

  3. active member can have discount , keeping online and with GPS on can also have discount.

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about rewarding system
In the beginning , the DAV team reward both leasees and leasers. And it change to leaser reward leasee later.

1.Leasers will buy dav token to reward leasees.
2.Leasers can buy back the dav token from leasee in fixed price, or leasees can just sell them to available exchanges .
3.Every e-scooter own a solo contract, not using the public contract.

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And from what I hear, the dav team is going to add a 360 camera, if that’s true, then it’s gonna open up a new area of the sharing business.
Like for evidence of insurance, ANTITHEFT, even be an old-fashioned circus barker.
Just think that what if a scooter can have eyes.

concerns about adding camera to the scooter:

  1. charging problem. — maybe Wireless Charging someday.Or to make sure people park the scooter where at least two scooters are nearby.Then only one scooter are needed to open its eyes(cameras).
  2. someone intend to cover the scooter’s camera. ------- an alarm system to report that event.
  3. storage problem ---- has enough place to store all the captured videos?
  4. the price ------- if ANTITHEFT really works ,then it’s a worthy upgrade.
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Still have a concern regarding people dumping eScooters all over the place.

Even if a photo is sent after the use of the eScooter, other people can still dump them in the canal or throw them on the street.
I suggest the following:

A DAV supplied GPS tracker with QR code fitted with a keyless number combination lock and clamp.


When this unit has a pipeclamp (with non-removable screws) which fits around a bike/scooter frame,
It can be installed on any scooter or bicycle.
In this case anybody can add his own bike or whatever to the network.
When you scan the QR code (or select it on the map of the Mooving app) it should show a photo of the unit (is it a scooter, a womens bike, race bike etc).
Now when people end their ride , they have to make a photo of the unit parked and locked and attached to a pole, tree or whatever

If DAV supplies this integrated unit, the network will surely grow very fast

Hope it is clear what I mean



That’s an interesting solution. Lots of talk in the space right now about how best to manage the dumping of devices, and that seems like the best hardware solution I’ve seen.

A behavioural approach I’ve seen suggested is to involve the cities and have by-laws passed that could cost a “dumper” a ticket and a fine if they’re caught leaving a MM device in the way of pedestrian or vehicle traffic. There are already dumping laws that bring about fines if you’re caught throwing garbage or anything you don’t want onto a public space.