What is the best way to explain blockchain to a beginner?

One of the greatest challenges involved in driving adoption is explaining how the new technology works. Blockchain and crypto aren’t exceptions to this, and in fact present a particularly challenging proposition. Even technologists who are newly exposed to blockchain can find the concepts labyrinthine.

Part of my job as a communications professional involves education, and some amount of technical communications (and I wish to point out that both Tal and Noam seem very well-equipped when it comes to explaining technology to a general audience). As a result I think about multiple ways to present blockchain tech so that interested stakeholders can grasp the main points. As a general rule, when we explain a new technology to a willing audience, the points we should cover are:

  • what does the technology do?
  • how does the technology work, at a high level?
  • what does the technology mean for the average consumer or user?

In addition, the explanation shouldn’t take 20 minutes. Two minutes would be wonderful, but up to five minutes is forgivable.

What’s the best, most concise way you’ve come up with explaining blockchain to your friends?

I have been explaining it by saying blockchain is a database that exists as copies among everyone who is involved with it. And that everyone’s copies have to agree with one another, which stops hacking and corruption. If you try to double-spend a Bitcoin, you won’t be able to because everyone else knows you already spent that crypto, and their copies of the database will restore yours to what it should be, minus the tampering you tried to do to it.

I wanted to ask what everyone thinks is the best way to decide whether someone should use an old fashion centralized database or a decentralized blockchain. Is there a rule of thumb we can rely on?


I like to keep it simple. I’ll start with pointing out what a computer can do (anything) now consider a community of computers working together.
The ability of Blockchain is abstract.

I usually start by saying “digital money”, because most people start by asking “What is bitcoin”.

But if I had to choose a succinct explainer, I would probably start with this:

It’s a way of recording transactions between two or more parties in a way that cannot be changed, censored, or tampered by any single entity. Bitcoin is one of the first, and most notable example of this technology and its first use case is transacting value.”

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Internet is a net work that transmit message,in the future,Information contains value,they can transact together。 DAV as a tech will transmit mankind value and machine value together