What transportation decisions do you make on a daily basis? Schedule? Modes? What does your city do well or poorly to support your needs?

Typically I cycle to a Skytrain station here in Vancouver, or drive if it’s treacherously wet or icy. Then I take the train to the closest downtown stop in Vancouver, and walk about six blocks to a shared office. The trouble with driving is finding secure parking. The trouble with cycling is that while I can bring my bike on board the train, during rush hour it’s not practical as most of the trains are packed full. So I lock my bike up and hope for the best.

Greater Vancouver is not very well supported by public transit. We do have our light rail, and a fairly extensive bus system, but we don’t handle peak traffic well. Vancouver city itself has deployed quite a few bike lanes, but motorists really resent them and the amount of road space they take up. Our taxi services don’t have enough supply and are expensive, and we’ve only just introduced legislation to allow ride hailing in the city, but nothing is going to actually happen until this time next year.

Autonomous vehicles and shared mobility can’t get here fast enough. :slight_smile:

What are your cities like?


I am the poster child for the multimodal transportation of tomorrow.

A few weeks ago I found myself trying to hail a taxi from an app, and when I couldn’t find one, I took a Mobike (shared dockless bike) to the nearest Bird (shared dockless scooter), and took that the rest of the way. We’re talking a 20 minute walk that I replaced with three different riding apps :laughing:

I live and work in Tel-Aviv, with a 20 minute walk between the two locations. I used to travel mostly by foot and using the city’s shared docked bicycle program as well as the occasional cabs, but that has really changed in the past few months. First I transitioned to dockless bikes, and now that there are dockless electric scooters everywhere, that has become my go-to method… they’re just so fun, convenient, and fast (if you can find one).

In our office of 12 people, I think only 1 or 2 people commute by car… that’s amazing! :cityscape:

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