What's the most frustrating or horrifying transport experience you've ever had?

A bus that you just barely missed when on the way to a job interview in your new suit, and it starts to rain hard? Light rail or subway service to take you home from the office that stops for some incident and it’s the middle of summer and the guy next to you didn’t put on any deodorant that morning? Your flight out of London Heathrow was stuck on the tarmac for 2 hours then took off and had to turn around 30 minutes into the flight for “mechanical issues”?

For me, I will never, ever forget the time I attended an event in Downtown Vancouver. The event was over at 1.30am and the light rail service was closed for the night when I got out to the street from the venue. I was with a date at the time, and we opted for a taxi…except there weren’t any available.

Bars and pubs in Vancouver close at 2.00am, which means that we were competing with a lot of people who weren’t able to drive home. We waited on the sidewalk in front of a major hotel where the event took place, dealing with -5C temperature in the middle of January wearing formal wear, and not one available taxi drove by for nearly 45 minutes. Finally, one did pull up, and my date, who was wearing a short cocktail dress and my overcoat and was absolutely freezing, leapt into the back seat…and promptly discovered that someone had left a patch of vomit there.

We paid for a limo to get us home.

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There is a TV play called CarShare.
May be interesting