What's the most interesting or inspiring use of drone technology you know of?

There is so much going on in the drone space right now that it’s somewhat surprising that the mainstream hasn’t heard more about it. Drones are being used in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, from film photography to high-rise building inspections to mining and construction surveys. There’s also the logistics aspect, including urgent deliveries of blood, medicine and food to areas that have poor or no road infrastructure. Drone deliveries could transform the economics that have long held sway in remote rural areas. Canada’s north, for example, is well known for its brutal winter conditions that often mean supplies don’t make it in for weeks because it’s too dangerous for planes to navigate. If drones could make it through those extreme conditions, it could mean a huge boost for arctic communities.

What stories have you heard or read about in the drone space that you think deserves sharing? Have people found a use for drones of whatever size or shape that surprised you?