What's the next "wave" in the blockchain/crypto space?

First came Bitcoin, then Ethereum, then smart contracts and a flood of ERC 20 tokens and ICOs. (Forgive the brevity and some inaccuracies that might bring, but I think you get the point.) Now we’re on a cusp involving thousands of blockchain projects, research devoted to scaling, fiat-on ramp solutions, and so forth. Many would say we’re taking a collective breath as we prepare for the next explosion of blockchain innovation. But what’s coming next?

If you look back at the earlier days of the Web, a parallel could be drawn to the time just around the launch of NCSA Mosaic, the very first graphical Web browser. What occured after that could be described as a revolution that brought about virtually countless social and technological changes. The global village, data mining and big data, social media, cloud computing…

We don’t yet have a real-world commercial blockchain-based project, but it feels very close. What do you think the next year will bring, and what should we look out for?

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I think we should look out for simple use cases in real space, for there to be acceptance from average consumers it has to be something that is sensible to them. The WWW only became big when people could “see” it with Netscape and IE. People have to be able to see and play with things to feel comfortable enough to start using it. Maybe DAV could build an app that lets people around the world control and send drones on small missions that help a charity? Generally free, but people can give money to charge the drone and deliver something of use to the charity. It would be fun and do some good at the same time, and it would help people see how DAV is real and useful.


Hello, I think we are in a wave of fintech. Maybe a new kind of bank will pop up that serves as a dedicated fiat<->crypto services provider. Crypto is here to stay. All of the big finance companies are finally responding and moving into the space, although I think most of them are going in kicking and screaming and being petulant about it. Wall Street is going to struggle for a long time over crypto I think.

I think the next big wave after fintech will be real world objects and assets talking to each other on the blockchain. Like DAV when it comes to transportation. I would guess the next big phase will come in 2019, by mid-year I think we will see many significant signs of it starting.


DAV could build an app that lets people around the world control and send drones on small missions that help a charity?

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This is really cool.A global charity transportation service network

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That’s a neat idea. Are you meaning a transport network to help charities, or more like something similar to a real life “game” that people play?

For example, a number of years ago someone hooked up their Christmas lights to the internet, and anyone could log in to their web page and turn them on or off. I think there were something like 6 or 7 strings of lights, and each was on an independent switch.

The homeowner set up a PayPal button on the page to collect donations for a charity (it was something appropriately seasonal, like a charity for Xmas presents for disadvantaged children) and it was quite successful.

I wonder if a simple showcase like that showing the DAV network operating and doing something useful would be a way to attract interest as well as performing a social good.

All further thoughts welcome!

What about a synchronized drone light shows which can be rented in dav network by the whole world?
drone light show

scene one:
I can rent some drones in Paris from China and show some letters like “I love U”.And some of the tokens will be paid to charity which can be seen in the blockchain.
Maybe it will be a new webbing fashion, like telling everyone in the world " *** married ***".

Well , I guess one of the drones need to be used to record video.:wink:


I wonder how much someone would spend for a display like that. Drones writing messages in the sky with lights!

Personally I think a drone that delivers food from a pickup point to a foodbank would be an awesome display of the tech. And all proceeds earned from charges to send the drone to the foodbank would go to the charity behind the foodbank as well. People get to play with the drone/tech and help their fellow man.

What would it take to set something like this up? Just money?